We offer products primarily for the jewelry manufacturing business and dental laboratories.

Mold producers, mold polishers and customers such as copper, wood and glass carvers use our products. We also offer products for hobby use.

Our handpieces, flexible shafts and motor hangers are designed and constructed in according to the individual needs of our customers.

The Company Nur Pres was founded in 1989 as an atelier for electrical and mechanical assembly of working components.

The company aims to create high-quality products and to offer the best service to its customers since its foundation. In order to comply with the market demand our company constantly analyzes the needs of the industry and expands its product diversity accordingly.

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The jewelry manufacturing businesses, dental laboratories, shoemakers and customers, such as copper, glass and wood carvers use our flexible shafts.

The flexible shaft gets the movement from the motor and passes it onto the handpiece in a flexible, quite, heat- and vibration-free way.

3 or 4 bearings can be used inside the flexible shafts for different types of motors with 4,5mm or 8mm radius.

Individual handpieces can be designed and fitted into different operations like jewelry manufacturing, dental manufacturing, shoemaking or copper, glass and wood carving in combination with any type of flexible shaft.

Our handpieces offer a precise, quiet, heat- and vibration-free operation thanks to the high quality bearings used inside.

Our motor hangers are used in factories, small to large businesses and also for hobby purposes.

It provides a safe working environment. The connections are stable and rigid, which allows the hangers to be moved only if wanted. The height of the hangers are adjustable.

We are pleased to share our ten years of experience and knowledge regarding handpieces, flexible shafts and motor hangers with you, our customers.

We claim quality and high level production since the beginning with the help of our high end production techniques.

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